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Zen Toolworks CNC 12x12 3D Printer Conversion Kit with F8 Leadscrew

Note: This is NOT a complete CNC machine kit. It is a conversion kit. You will need to have our 12x12 Kit as base and add this part then it's 12x12 3D kit ONLY.

This conversion kit will make Zen Toolworks CNC DIY Kit 12x12 model 3D printer ready. It increases the clearance under the spindle to about 5 inches, and the Z Axis travel is also increased to 5 inches.

If you are interested in building a 3D printer, this will be one option for you. You will need to add a printer head (extruder) to the tool base and you are ready to go.

This kit can also been used if you want to add a 4th axis to your CNC project. The clearance under the gantry will allow you to put a rotary axis and tail stock under the cutter.


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